Abel, Gordon + Romy

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Dominique Abel, born in Belgium and Canadian, Fiona Gordon, form an inseparable comic duo. Since 2006, they have collaborated on different films with Bruno Romy.

  • 2005: L’Iceberg
  • 2007: Rumba
  • 2011: La Fée







AIB Collective India

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AIB is one of India’s premiere comedy collectives. They do comedy in podcasts, sketches and stand up!




  • 2009: Mere Khwabon Mein Jo Aaye
  • 2006: Walking On A Moonbeam
  • 2002: Education A Reality Or A Myth
  • 2002: Sin
  • 2001: In Search of Salvation





Alaa Shaker

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Alaa Shaker est une actrice irakienne. Elle a débuté sa carrière dans le cinéma en 1994 et elle a remporté plusieurs prix pour son travail au cinéma, au théâtre et à la télévision.







Ann Sirot + Raphaël Balboni

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Ann Sirot and Raphaël Balboni have worked together since 2008. They like to create an edgy world in their films.






  • Dernière partie
  • Juste la lettre T









Anne Billows

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Anne Billows est diplômée de l’Université de Warwick (Angleterre, 2010), en philosophie et politique et études cinématographiques.

Pendant ses études, elle a aussi dirigé et édité plusieurs documentaires en France, au Pérou et au Nicaragua.

  •  2009: Cantagallo…




Celula Armada de Putas Histericas

collective_ celulaarmadadesputashistericas   BIO

Collectif d’activites féministes de Seville (Espagne).

  • 2008 Hymen : certifiés conforme
  • 2004 Safia Et Sarah
  • 1999 Sœur Innocenta priez pour nous




Da Jing

dajing_thedeathoflesbians   BIO

Lives and works in Beijing.












Dimitra Nikolopoulou

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Dimitra Nikilopoulou was born in 1968 in Argos, Greece and she studied Geology at Athens University and Film at Paris III University. She works as a first assistant director on films, advertisements and televisions series. Running Dry is her fourth short film.”





  • 2014: Taipei Factory II
  • 2011: The Next Magic
  • 2010: Lie yan




Dyana Gaye

gaye_desétoiles   BIO

Dyana Gaye is a French-Senegalese filmmaker born in Paris in 1975 . Straddling two cultures, French and Senegalese, Dyana Gaye chose cinema as a medium She is an actress, screenwriter, producer. However her main activity remains filmmaking.

A graduate of the University of Paris 8 – St Denis, she obtained in 1998 a MA in Film Studies. In 1999, she won the Louis Lumière – Villa Medicis Hors les Murs scholarship to study for her screenplay for A woman for Souleymane, which she achieved the following year. The film won many awards at international festivals. She worked for several years as a programmer for ACID (Agency for Independent Cinema for its Distribution).

  • 2009: Un Transport en commun
  • 2006: Deweneti
  • 2005: J’ai deux amours
  • 2000: Une femme pour Souleymane





Heiny Srour

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Born in Lebanon in 1945, she is the first Arab woman filmmaker to have one of her films, HOURS OF LIBERATION, selected for the Cannes Festival. In her films, she focused on examining the role of Arab women in revolutions.





  • 2014: Taipei Factory II
  • 2011: The Next Magic
  • 2010: Lie yan