Adelaide Dunn, Zoe Ellwood + Olivia Lubbock

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Adelaide Dunn
Born in New Zealand, studies at Auckland University, now studyin Utrecht.
Zoe Ellwood
Studied Law at Auckland University. Now Law Clerck in New Zealand.
Olivia Lubbock
Studies at Auckland University (New Zealand).
  • 2009: Un Transport en commun
  • 2006: Deweneti
  • 2005: J’ai deux amours
  • 2000: Une femme pour Souleymane





Anneta Papathanassiou

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Anneta Papathanassiou has a bachelor ́s Degree in Economics, University of Athens and a diploma from E.Hatzikou, Drama & Cinema School. She studied theatre in HB Studio and New York University. She has been acting on Stage and Television for over 20 years.

She is teaching drama courses at the American College of Greece – Deree and “Theatro ton Allagon” and she has published two books about theatre. In 2010, she established an independent theater in the heart of Athens.

  • 2014: Taipei Factory II
  • 2011: The Next Magic
  • 2010: Lie yan




Antje Van Wichelen

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Filmmaker and textile artist, Antje Van Wichelen seeks metaphorical forms to express ideas. She has worked in radio and television programs and as a scriptwriter.






  • 2014: Taipei Factory II
  • 2011: The Next Magic
  • 2010: Lie yan






Cho Li, a producer-turned-director, graduated with M.S degree in Radio/TV/Film from the Indiana State University. After producing critically acclaimed films with producer YEH Jufeng, she turns her career to directing, in the hope of developing multi-faceted genre films with her unique point-of-view. The suspense feature length ZOOM HUNTING marks a promising directing debut. In 2011, she also completed her second feature film THE NEXT MAGIC in China. THE RICE BOMBER is her latest work, which is selected in the panorama section of Berlinale 2014.



  • 2014: Taipei Factory II
  • 2011: The Next Magic
  • 2010: Lie yan




Danijela Stanojevic

stanojevic_languagegenderandsex   BIO

Danijela Stanojevic is a recognized journalist who is actively fighting for human rights. The movie “Language, gender and sex“ was created as an activist act, in the hope of creating a free and democratic society.





  • 2014: Taipei Factory II
  • 2011: The Next Magic
  • 2010: Lie yan




Françoise Levie

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Françoise Levie, director, producer and author wrote and directed documentaries that associate fiction, historical research and archives.





    • 2009: Alfred Stevens, le Plaisir de peindre la femme
    • 2010: Panda Farnana, un Congolais qui dérange
    • 2007: Mass Moving, des Insoumis dans l’Art
    • 2006: Twice upon a Time
    • 2005: Monsieur Bing et l’Art Nouveau
    • 2004: Panamarenko. The Magic of Art
    • 2002: L’Homme qui voulait classer le Monde
    • 1999: Entre Flore et Thalie
    • 1998: Mata-Hari, mythe ou réalité d’une espionne
    • 1997: Mémoires d’une Princesse Hindoue
    • 1994: La Demoiselle de Russie
    • 1993: Le Mystère des Tombes gelées de Sibérie
    • 1991: Nylon Blues
    • 1988: Les Gardiens de la nuit





Hajar Belkasmi

belkasmi_lemaillot   BIO

Studied at ESAV-Marrakech (Maroc). Now works in film.






  • 2014: Taipei Factory II
  • 2011: The Next Magic
  • 2010: Lie yan




Hélène Catett + Bruno Forzani

 forznani_cattet_lafindenotreamourforznani_cattet_lafindenotreamour2   BIO

Hélène Cattet et Bruno Forzani are French filmmakers living in Brussels. They have co-directed all of their films.




  • 2010 Amer

  • 2013 L’étrange couleur des larmes de ton





Jenny Wu

wu_achoicemaybenot   BIO

Independent filmmaker, feminist activist and pacifist, Jenny Man Wu is a member of Beijing Queer Film Festival. A BBA graduate from the Hogeschool van Utrecht, she studied literature and screenwriting at the Beijing Film Academy.


  • 200…





liliths_liliths   BIO

Feminist Activist Collective from Brussels.


  • 2008  Hymen : certifiés conforme
  • 2004  Safia Et Sarah
  • 1999  Sœur Innocenta priez pour nous